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 CSA Twitter Box/Feed: The familiar black box we use to get out quick, short messages that previously was located at the top right corner of the webpage has disappeared and we are working to get it back.  However, we are still using the CSA Twitter page to post quick reminders about the field availability and will use it for rainouts once the season starts.  You can sign up for Twitter and follow the CSA page, or even without an account you can follow this link that will take you directly to the CSA Twitter page without having to bother with creating an account. 

   Frequently Asked Questions:   

My son is interested in umpiring. Who should he contact? Anyone older than 15 years of age should contact the baseball commissioner using the "Contact Commissioner" link located at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the page.  All umpires must have good general baseball knowledge and must attend a clinic hosted by CSA.

Are there play-ups for other leagues besides Shetland to Pinto? No. We have only offered the Shetland to Pinto option on a trial basis because we recognize there can be a huge difference between the playing abilities of kids at this age. As noted above, even with the Shetland to Pinto play-up, we expect the vast majority of six year olds will still be in Shetland.

You have tryouts. Will all kids make a team? We actually have "evaluations" rather than "tryouts" because tryouts suggests some kids will not make a team which is not true. All players will end up on a team. But evaluations for Pinto and up help us try as best we can to draft teams of even capabilities.

When are games played? All regularly scheduled games will be during the week. We will only schedule weekend games to makeup games canceled from the regular schedule.

How do we know if games are canceled because of weather? Once the baseball commissioner has decided to cancel a game due to weather, it will immediately be posted in the upper right corner of this website. This text box is linked to the CSA Twitter feed. It is the first place this information will be posted.

It is noon and it is raining, why haven't you canceled tonight's games yet? Please note that because our fields drain very well, a game might not be canceled until shortly before the scheduled game time. We try and play games at their scheduled times because rescheduling games can be a bigger hassle given all the other activities children, parents and our umpires are involved in.

Should anyone have any questions please use the Contact Info button on the left to send an e-mail to the Commissioner of Baseball.